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Default CFI's Help Needed!

CFI's - Airline Pilot Central needs your help with the knowldegebase project.

Specifically, we need CFI's to write short knowldgebase articles (2 paragraphs or so) on flight training related topics. Take a look in the Knowldgebase Helper Forum for examples of other articles in the works.

Topic Starters:

  • PPL certification requirements
  • CPL certification requirements
  • CFI certification requirements
  • What should I look for when selecting a FBO flight school?
  • What should I look for when selecting a UNIVERSITY flight program?
  • What to look for in a fleet of training aircraft.

ANYTHING you feel that students or prospective students would like to know about or FAQ's. The Knowledgebase project will be published as a site upgrade in the near future. Thanks for giving back to the FREE pilot resource that is Airline Pilot Central.

************************************************** *****

Also in a separate project, for CFI's that enjoy writing, we are looking for CFI(s) to contribute short articles on a monthly basis to be published on the main site. The articles would include a bio and a link to your school/FBO and might be a good way to advertise your services. (Did I mention we get over 25,000 unique IP visits per day and hundreds of flight training related questions per week? Grow your client-base and help us at the same time!).
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