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Originally Posted by AirWillie
JMT21, it takes about 45k from Private to Multi Instrument CFI at UND, plus school. It takes about 20K for all the ratings at my FBO excluding the additional hours I have to fly to reach the commercial license requirement of 250 hours. I was accepted into the program for this year but decided not to go when I found that past flight experience and hours do not count toward the UND flight training.
Now that I think back, I am so glad that I didn't go to UND. Can't beat the SOCAL weather, the nice mountains and elevation changes, flying is never boring here.
If you are going to throw numbers around, compare apples to apples. I paid 36K for ALL of my training through CFII, 198 hours. You are quoting 20K for all your ratings through commercial, but not including the cost of getting to 250 hours AND not earning your CFI and CFII which are the money makers for yourself.

I did all the courses at min times (not bragging just saying, the private course was 40 hours, I took my checkride at 39 hours), it can be done and the atmosphere of flying every day, the resources available (free of course) made it easy to do all this at min times.

I'm sure most of us at/from UND are glad you didn't come. People like you who whine about the price and weather are usually the ones who think just because you showed up for the lesson that it should be complete and whenever you bust a checkride it is because the stage pilot was too tough on you. Grand Forks ND is head and shoulders above SOCAL a better place to be and live.

Past hours do transfer into UND, if you have your tickets already. Otherwise, if you already have 25 or so hours towards your private you should sail through the first course and still be able to complete it close to course mins. It's not UND's rule on the hours not transferring it's 141 rule, and if you had done any research you would know that, or did you expect UND to bend the rules just for you?

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