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Originally Posted by blastboy View Post
Option one: got to an accelerated program like ATP, etc etc.

Option two: go to a CFI at your local FBO. Better training in my opinion.

Option three: sell everything and have a nice financial cushion for yourself while you're in training.

Option four: Make lots of friends in the corporate flying world!! That may be your way out of selling everything. Corporate flying can be very financially rewarding. Ask a few of the guys on the forum.

I'm sure there are more options but my brain is fatigued. LOL Personally, I would go to a CFII at an FBO and do the PPL, IFR and COMM with him. Multi engine if he has access to a twin. You can feasably go from zero to 250 in six months. Lots of studying but you can do it!
I am considering Option 1, 2, and 4.

Option 3?? HAHAHA I forgot to mention I owe on everything, lol.

I really like my local FBO, where I have taken a few hours of PPL lessons. I am almost positive I could get a job there as a CFI. I would need to instruct about 20 hours a week at the current rates for that FBO. Is that realistic for a medium size town? I imagine I would need to talk to the FBO about that.
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