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Originally Posted by tankertoadau92 View Post
Here is what I've been told. There was some movement by the prime to pull back the contract from Avenge (I was told they are a sub) in a cost savings maneuver. The prime tried to do it on the cheap and did not get much interest (I actually talked to them and it was not very good money and told them as much…way less than $100K per year but with benefits). In the interim Avenge lost a significant number of pilots due to the uncertainty. Eventually, the prime gave Avenge a two year extension at the same rate….complex but basically $20K per month when deployed without benefits. I have friends working for Avenge and it is the standard deployment ground hog day but they say it is low stress, decent money and a good group of personnel.
This post is pretty much dead-on accurate. We lost a significant number of pilots in only two months, but the ones that decided to hold out are excellent guys to work with. The pay, even for the new hires, is still not bad.
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