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Originally Posted by TonyWilliams View Post
If the warning is the one I'm thinking about, it said that we should use the individual numbers in our call signs, instead of group form, while around ORD.
His post went over your head, didn't it

Guys, this is why you need ALPA. It ain't perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than what you got now .

Here's the original memo:

To all crews:
ATC is WATCHING you!!!!
Over the past several months there has been a dramatic increase in the number of pilot deviations involving SkyWest Aircraft in the national airspace system. As a result of this, ATC and the Chief Pilots’ will be enforcing a zero tolerance policy for ATC deviations.

ATC doesn’t like to take action against pilots if it can be helped, but the amount of deviations needs to be curbed and from now on ATC will be taking action in all pilot deviations regardless of whether a loss of separation occurred or not.

ATC managers call us anytime there is a pilot deviation of any kind. If a deviation is reported to us by ATC you will be called in to the Chief Pilots office for counseling.

We realize that the vast majority of you operate in a safe, conscientious and vigilant manner and appreciate your attention to detail. Please help your passengers, SkyWest, and ATC out by continuing to foster this mentality in your peers.

Use good radio procedures, CRM, follow SOP and most of all stay sharp and professional! The gun sights are on us and we don’t want to see anyone of you involved in certificate action.

Call anytime with questions.


So let's see - a zero tolerance policy now in effect. I wonder if they are going to continue submitting ASAP reports? That's some choice - screw up and submit an ASAP to protect your certificate but lose your job or risk not filling out an ASAP but lose your job and certificates if the FAA catches you...sweet.
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