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you are not treated like a god not paid accordingly. since the anti labor swire group took over things have gone down hill fast. have you heard about the "hiring embargo"?is not inplace now but there was a reason for it.

if you want to go there as a career that's better than the US commuters, but is no way nearer in pay and benefits to ups, fedex, Astar or ABX. look a the cargo pay scale, is Polar's equivalent with less days off. the passenfger side has several pay scales and you will never see the A scale that pays good.

You will need to live in hong kong and before you can upgrade to captain you need to rotate on both airbus and boeing, thus moving back to hong kong every few years if you bid out of it.

if you want to make acareer in the US that is not the place to go, if you want to make a cereer overseas then maybe.
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