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Default AA Remaining furloughee analysis?

Much has been discussed in regards to the upcoming sli (seniority list integration) as to where the fuloughed aa pilots will fall into the upcoming combined list. Thats a valid discussion but not the intent if this new thread. We need to look more deeply into how many aa furloughs may return and all of the variables that effect this.

I wanted to start a thread that analyzes more deeply the following

1. How many aa furloughs are remaining?
2. What is the average age of the furloughs?
3 . How many have deferred and what is the current protocol for future deferral.

I do understand there are no absolute concrete answers to these questions but I think many of us would like some more information on this subject. I am a third lister like many of us reading this. Im sure many of us would respectfully like to understand this complex dynamic further as it has profound implications on our future seniority.

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