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I was interested in reviewing those totals myself, and just did so on our APA website. According to their updated totals as of 1/1/14, there are 1170 pilots at AA that remain on furlough, 744 of which have deferred recall. The deferred number is a little confusing to me, since they made a big deal last May of all pilots being offered recall, thus starting the 3 year deferment clock. This means if you have elected to defer your recall to AA, and AA is hiring in May 2016, you must make a go/no go decision at that point. So I would assume that all 1170 of those furloughees have deferred if they are not back--what am I missing?

Anyway, for your planning as a third lister at US, there are quite a few "wild card" furloughees out there at AA and many would be senior to you. However, we are talking about people who have been away from the airline for 10+ years and I would think most have moved on.

Hope this helps...
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