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Originally Posted by PositiveRateGUp View Post
What is Atlas Air looking for?

If you don't mind sharing, can you list your experience?

Total Time?
PIC Time?
Former experience (Regional, ACMI, MIL, Foreign Wide Body, etc...)

I know there is already a thread out there, but I would like to start off fresh.

I just turn 30 yrs old and I'm from the Houston area this would be an ideal place to work. I recently upgraded 6 months ago and I'm logging valuable TPIC time and would like to get my resume out to Atlas and attend a few of their job fairs in the future.

Any advise from those in the know would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.
Go to Delta.. Atlas isn't hiring, or are they? My advice for a smart, young CA like yourself, is maybe start with the LAST page of the Atlas thread and start backwards till you find what you're looking for. Don't want to come off too harsh, but I'm nipping your questions in the bud, before the wolves get to you.. Good Luck
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