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It also means a serious erosion in support for the future of our MEC if we don't tread very carefully.

What this means is to a greater extent then ever, our MEC (and National) need to proceed with a great deal of transparency and open dialog. The impression of a pre-set outcome or collusion within certain groups, even if not valid, will undermine the support and credibility of this union for decades.

I've made calls on this issue, and whatever side you are should too. Win or lose--we've got to be together on the back side of this. The ONLY way to do that is is EVERYONE feels like the process was fair and open.

Regretfully...I don't see that now. I'm trying to keep an open mind. I'm contacting my LEC/MEC folks. I'm "discussing" this in professional terms. But ALPA needs to stop coming out of a smokey room with "pronouncements" and start allowing membership to see this process.

So far...the only thing I've thought when I read Wally's diatribe and this latest letter was "kiss my @ss...." Anyone who knows me and how I've supported the ALPA team knows I'm not a rebel or a malcontent. We just need to make sure there is a bit more open discussion. I figure if it gets under MY skin, there are some VERY fired up people tonight around MEM.

An irony--funny or not--is this latest push to increase the age by ALPA helps a tremendous number of older non-members. They are again reaping the rewards of someone else's efforts...
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