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Originally Posted by hamfisted View Post
They pass this wherein the over 60 guys get rights back to a front seat...I become a non-member. End of discussion.
You wont' be the only one. There will be a lot more just like you. And all of us lose.

I don't think you should quit. But I've had the same thought too at times, and I understand the sentiment. I also think the union needs to push for some ways to offset some of the damage.

If we cannot stay united--contact 2010 will be a joke. THIS kind of sentiment is exactly why the union needs to find a way to take care of everyone....not just the top half.

Sleepy? You listenin'? Your work didn't quit with the last contract. You need to let these old men know--in fighter pilot terms--how important it is to keep this group together. The letters I've seen from the MEC Chair and Vice are VERY out of touch with the guys like hamfisted we know are out there.
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