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Originally Posted by mistarose
I am attending Central Washington University, and will be a CFI by the end of this spring. From anyone's experience, will flight schools hire a new CFI that can only work durring summers?

I am still in school, and the local FBO won't hire till I am a senior or graduate from the program. I am majoring in Aviation Systems Management (professional pilot program). I currently have my Commercial License with Instrument Rating, I'll start and finish CFI before this summer.

SO is there any chance that an FBO will hire a summer only CFI?
Probably. Also in my area (SOCAL) the FBO's often just host a bunch of flying clubs. Any CFI can join the clubs (some waive the monthly fee if they are short of CFIs) and hang out and try to solicit business. It doesn't take long (in SOCAL) to build up a client base. However, since you will need to cut and run at the end of the summer, you have to be careful about starting someone you won't be able to finish. IPC's, aircraft checkouts, and Flight Reviews are short term jobs that you could do.
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