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Default Last trip

This is it. Today I start my last four day, and it is a beaut! If trips were always like this I might not have left. But they aren't. Not even close.

I live SFO, was based LAX until they closed it, now based ORD. (That's the short version of a long story.) I wasn't about to move for a regional so I commuted. I took a leave and got a law degree. I returned after three years of glorifying flying in my head and was quickly reminded why I left. Resumes flew out and I will be starting as an aviation and aerospace associate in April.

This last trip is a deadhead to LAX and a deadhead back at the end, meaning I can commute to LAX instead of ORD and I don't have to go out a day ahead and get a hotel room. Four legs total over four days, two overnights in LAX and one in DEN, all places where I have friends to visit. Done early enough to hangout.

I imagine my eyes will water a bit. It is going to be hard. But I am also excited about my next adventure. I will miss the best parts of this so much but it just was not worth it to me anymore.

The only bad part is that I am flying with a very inappropriate (read: pervy) captain who thinks my presence in the cockpit with him must be a sign of attraction. But I wasn't willing to drop such a good final trip to avoid him. And since it is my last trip, I will have no issue telling him to shove off. I really won't miss the way women are treated in this industry.
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