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Originally Posted by Packrat View Post
Believe me, you won't miss Part 121 flying. Once you decompress you may find it hard to believe you actually put up with the B.S. as long as you did.
Thanks! Looking forward to that feeling. The interview process alone was eye opening. So much respect and professionalism!

Re: male lawyers flirting. People flirt everywhere. But there is a stark difference between a coworker making a pass and the down right misogyny I encounter. In most industries, even if some jackass thinks that way, he can't really vocalize it without repercussion. Plus, I won't be locked in a cockpit with some guy that does not understand boundaries where I am hesitant to speak up because of the safety of the flight.

I will literally mark my calendar to come back in two years. I am curious as well .

I still plan on flying for fun!
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