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Default Fractional retirement plans

I realize a lot of people are going to comment about retirements and flying positions, but I'd just like to know what people think about the different plans, so if we could hold off on the "you'll never retire from a flying position" comments, that would be greatly appreciated.

That being said, how good are the retirement plans?

FlexJet has a 1% A plan... what would that be after a 20 year career there?

Flex also matches up to 6% on the 401k... is this an overall better plan than NetJets with their 401k match of 50c/$1, up to 15%?

And obviously Fight Options and Citation Shares don't even qualify to debate since they are both significantly worse than either of these 2 options.

I'm really interested in peoples opinions on this, especially what the Flex A plan potentially could be worth.

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