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Default Seaborne

Gotta question:
3K hr ATP, here.... not much float time. 1K in AK time, tundra. I'm going to Seaborne for an interview tomorrow (Twotter floats, f/o). I figure the PIC multi turbine float time might be worth something, but is the F/O time worth anything? Just wondered.... it is float time, albeit right side?

Main goal: Alaska next season in floats. Will multi float time hurt in search of a single float job? What are the options for multi float jobs in AK? Most everything I came accross was 206/Beaver/cub stuff....



P.S.... Seaborne hires with fairly low mins... but as above, it's for the right seat. Right now, the experienced guys have gone north to Alaska for the summer season. They're hiring right now.
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