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Originally Posted by Engineer413 View Post
This is actually pretty awkward but I have my associates in mechanical engineering, and switched majors to my bachelors in aviation science along with my flight requirements. I start instrument training today. Its funny to because I race motocross, snocross, fish, hunt, and golf.... I wanted to be an aerospace engineer as well but chose this route.

Um lets see the job market for us fresh out of school is scary I think for anyone and any career. Lets put it this way your going to be making a ton more money being an engineer, and its almost stupid not to keep going with that especially dept free. All my engineering friends have 3 vehicles and a house when they turned 30. As for a career in aviation, you might break 17 an hour working as a CFI Building hours or 22k a year as a regional pilot gone 5 days a week. Lets face it its a hard career and lots of sacrifices. At least once a week I regret going into aviation. But on the other hand it is a true experience and many people enjoy it. Spend a few hundred bucks and take a few lessons and just talk deep with yourself on what you wanted to do. Me I love traveling and always dreamed of being a pilot and just couldn't do the desk job every week. On the other hand I have never been more stressed/excited, happy/miserable feelings in my life with any other career. Just know that you can become a pilot relatively cheap for an engineers salary and fly on the side.

FYI id be careful where you read around here, at first I got the same impression about how miserable people are and how hard of a career it is. Its something special that's for sure.
That is cool! Cool to see someone in a similar situation. Unfortunately the internship I have this summer is mind numbingly boring...I guess it has left a bad taste in my mouth, although it isn't true engineering in my opinion.

I have struggled with the thought of maybe going to commercial pilot school after I graduate...but you are probably right that it may be a bad choice. I think in the end I will tough it out and stick with engineering. I will probably get my private pilot's license after I graduate. I have done some research on commercial pilots and I did see that you make next to nothing for quite a while (in fact I am making more money at this summer internship than I would flying regionals).

Of course, there are people on the other side of the spectrum who say engineering isn't so good and neither is the money (although I find that a bit hard to believe). I too am at a stage in my life where I have very mixed feelings about everything and where I will end up. Maybe that is just part of the game of life I guess.

And any forum these places tend to be filled with negative and discouraging people, I have noticed that on just about any forum. It is a shame.
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