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Default Could this section on my resume be hurting me

I'm flying for a regional, and been applying and applying, but not even a "thanks for submitting your resume." I understand they're probably calling more qualified candidates than myself, I don't blame them, but reading about F/Os getting hired on at Atlas and others is making me question my resume. I'm wondering if these 2 sections from my resume is the reason of why I'm getting the cold shoulder from companies. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, if something is missing or has the information listed incorrectly. The PIC time I listed is from my piston Part 91 days, and I'm sure that 121 companies don't care about my Flight Instructor ratings. I've stopped putting time under actual and night time. My hours are also lined up visually instead of looking the way they do here. Thanks for any replies.


n Airline Transport Pilot: Multi-Engine
n Instrument Airplane
n Type Ratings- EMB-145 (PIC), BE1900 & SF340 (SIC)
n Flight Instructor: CFI, CFII, MEI
n FAA First Class Medical Certificate: No restrictions
n FCC Radiotelephone Operator Permit


Total Hours 2,100

Multi-engine 1,307
Turbine 1,207
Pilot In Command 745
Night 136
Actual Instrument 84
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