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Originally Posted by thefoxsays View Post
Pay banding is usually a huge concession. Tread carefully.

What's your thesis on why it is a concession, and huge at that?

I'm new here, and haven't studied every tid bit of the contract, so if I say something to which is already in there, sorry. I'll find it one day:

- how about swap with the pot for out of base trips?

Short ans: no. Long ans: hell no

- how about a minimum days off after a rotation clause?

Clause? no. Maybe an option in PBS would be nice. Unless you are talking about reserve, but lots of guys like to back up trips because they live in Outer Mongolia or some other far off place.

- how about no more than "x" days on (ie 4, 5, 6) without at least one calendar day off (not at outstation). Make this a choice pilots could waive in PBS if they like.... I know some people like working 12 days in a row.

Sure, why not? That's reasonable.

I'm sure there is more, but I just landed...
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