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Originally Posted by MartinC08 View Post
Hello, I have a few questions regarding crash pads...

1.) how widely available are crash pads?
2.) is it usually a mix of pilots from all the airlines in one crash pad, or does it vary?
3.) let's say you pay for your own a lot of crash pads limit how many nights you stay there?
4) instead of paying rent, do some single guys (and gals) live in a crash pad full time? Paying $200 a month for rent isn't a bad deal.

1. Depends on the base
2. Depends on the owner
3. Depends on the owner
4. Depends on the owner

But seriously, I run a pad in Chicago. Each has their own bed, and I don't count how many nights people stay there, but it's specifically stated that they can't live there full time. I've had united/aa/mesa/xjt people there in the past, Idc who they work for.
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