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Originally Posted by Galaxydriver View Post
Days off per month - 17 days on, the remaining part of the month is off.

Btw trips - it really depends, varies from 5 to 14 days. If you string them together you can get more off. from last month to this, a little more than 3 weeks off for me.

Reserve - R-1 is home reserve. Simple version - Contact 0700-1200, 5 hours to nearest airport. Other times, 10 hours. Depending on the situation, they may owe you a ride to the airport too.
R-2 is hotel reserve and report time is 90 min after call. Hotel provided by company.

PM me if you have more questions or more details.
Thank you, Galaxydriver. I'm sure I'll think of something...if so I'll shoot you a PM.

What's the word on the new contract? What kind of things are you guys shooting for in terms of improvement?
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