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Originally Posted by Flyboyxc91 View Post
I will be attending ATP Flight School at the Concord location starting October 27th. I am a highly motivated and goal oriented person, just graduated college and have my PPL but haven't flown a great deal in two years. I'm polishing up now for roughly 20 hours before attending ATP, I already received my course materials IFR through CFI. I have been reading all the training supplements etc and my head is about to explode. I'm very studious and that's not a problem, I just want to make sure I study the most efficient materials that will help me most first! Any additional tips are appreciated as I prepare for this journey!
What you're feeling is normal, just take it one rating at a time or else you'll def. be overwhelmed, and especially if you try to get too ahead of yourself with the books. You're already putting yourself at a super fast paced school!

Know that you'll lose everything you've learned as quickly as you acquired it if you don't stay proficient after you've graduated - that is the downside of going the ATP route, it just doesn't give your brain the time to process and analyze it all before you're on to the next rating....

Instrument is about organization, staying 5 steps ahead and trimming the airplane right...

The CFI is probably the most difficult rating and the most anxiety inducing one of them all...but once you pass the'll feel like you can pass anything moving forward...

The commercial is a glorified private, lots of fun new maneuvers...except the power off 180 emerg. to land on a spot +200/-0. That one took me the longest to perfect.

Just take it one rating at a time and focus one being the best you can be for that specific stage and dont think or worry about the next one till you get there...those are my two cents.

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