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Default What You Fly and What Type of Ops...

Hi Everyone,
Suggested this board so I thought I'd introduce myself and get to know the other, few, 91 guys on board here! I prefer 91 b/c I love the management aspect of it and the fact that you have a predictable crew and airplane all the time. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to tell you the equipment that I've flown and see what you guys have to offer!

I just came out of the 135 world into a relatively cushy job flying a Sabreliner 65 for a good solid company that's been in business for 40+ years. I used to fly Lears 135. Before that I flew a fractional PC-12 for a start-up that never got started and did PC-12 sales. Before that I flew a Chieftain and a Piaggio Avanti for a home-builder in the Midwest...

Currently, I fly mostly personal trips but I also do some business trips (25%) The bonus is that I get paid nicely and fly a Caravan on floats too! This job better last a while cause it's just so good!

Now you!

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