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Default Aer Lingus Cadet Program Open

Aer Lingus have opened selection for their cadet pilot program in partnership with FTE Jerez. Starting in early 2015, the course will last approximately 64 weeks.
For aspiring pilots, this scheme will be highly sought after - it's unclear how much of the course exactly Aer Lingus are willing to sponsor, but from their website: "The approximate cost of the initial training programme is 100,000. If you are successful in your application you will be required to fund approximately 25% of this training cost during the course. The payments are made directly to the Flight Training School on a phased basis over five instalments. The Flight Training School will provide further details at a later time." - suggesting that the cadet may only have to pay as little as 25,000. We expect competition will be fierce.
Full details, and the link to apply, can be found here: cadet-pilots - Aer Lingus Careers
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