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Originally Posted by sulkair View Post
Exactly why I'm asking. At F9 we just got peppered with a sickening number of 5 day trips for November. The new markets we're going into are requiring them apparently. I wondered if it was something you all dealt with visa vis Indigo? I don't even know I used Visa Vis correctly. Anyway, perhaps it has more to do with the lack of many domiciles. I just hope it doesn't last.
We used to have a handful of 5 day trips but most of them were 4 duty periods with only 1-2 legs a day. They went senior. Lots of hotel time though. At the moment we don't have them but what we have instead is an increasing number of legs per day. My next 4 day is 3,3,3,2... still only pays 22 hours which is considered a "score" right now. sigh... Eventually we will get more and more legs I am sure. That is the ULCC model. Same bag fee applies for a 2h leg vs a 1h leg. More cities, more legs. I am not looking forward to that.
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