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Originally Posted by cactusmike
The A320 is more limited by the range than the 737 NG but BOS to LGW would be doable, I think. ETOPS should not be a problem for the A320. Just need to figure out where the raft and other EOW equip will go.
FWIW, all JB aircraft are equipped for EOW with rafts, ect.

Range is the issue, especially westbound from Europe in the 320 unless additional optional tanks are installed. Just like the ones JB recently ordered, then deactivated from the 2005 deliveries. (Don't ask...)

For comparison, consider also that a full 320 can have a hard time in the winter going nonstop from JFK or BOS to the west coast. For now it appears that trans-Atlantic is impractical for the 320; although there are a few corporate 319's that operate shuttles in an all-business configuration on a regular basis.

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