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Originally Posted by CargoCan View Post
The operative word being, "authorized"

Memhubturn - I thought you were asking if you can simply apply leftover bank money to cover "unauthorized" first class expenses. The answer is to that question is still no.
That was what I was asking...thanks for the responses. I didn't realize the deviation leg would still have to meet the FC contract requirements since 1) I have control of when I schedule the deviation leg and 2) the company is only going to pay the accepted fare for the original scheduled DH anyway. Thought that if I had saved the company money earlier in the month by taking a company JS or deviating on a cheaper ticket, that I could use that money to help offset a more expensive ticket later in the month. I guess you can so long as the class of ticket matches what the deviation leg authorizes. Not sure why the company cares at this point.

Case in point: had a trip with a back end 2 leg DH where the plane was full and I was sandwiched in a middle seat on both legs. Looked on the deviation website and found a FC ticket that was less than $10 more...still 2 legs but both FC and got back to MEM earlier. Be nice if you could use bank money for something like that...good for me and the company still comes out ahead because of a positive bank balance. Oh well, those are the rules and I appreciate the help.
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