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"Case in point: had a trip with a back end 2 leg DH where the plane was full and I was sandwiched in a middle seat on both legs. Looked on the deviation website and found a FC ticket that was less than $10 more...still 2 legs but both FC and got back to MEM earlier. Be nice if you could use bank money for something like that...good for me and the company still comes out ahead because of a positive bank balance. Oh well, those are the rules and I appreciate the help."

Unfortunately the system is to just look at one little piece of the puzzle, not the entire picture. You can save them $3K one month, but they'll still charge you the $5 you went over your parking bank. Ridiculous.

However, if first class is cheaper than coach, they will book it for you and not charge you extra. But it has to be cheaper than coach on that flight, specifically.
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