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Default Where to live as a FedEx Commuter

If you are picking a place to live based solely on commuting convenience (Memphis excluded - kind of oxymoronic - I know) where would it be?

A few basic assumptions.
1. You are Memphis based.
2. Cost of living isn't a factor. The only factor is commuting convenience.

1. Any major city? Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, etc?
Plus: lots of flights day and night, off-line options, deviation options to out-stations
Minus: delays, parking

2. Geography? Nashville, Little Rock, Atlanta?
Plus: if all else fails you can drive to Memphis, off-line options (Atlanta), deviation options to out-stations (Atlanta)
Minus: you can drive (3-5 hours is a really long drive especially at midnight-1 am), limited radius

3. Hub? Newark, Indy, Oakland, Anchorage, Osaka (I don't know how to spell the place in China). I won't mention Alliance or Greensboro.
Plus: lots of flights. Lots of d/h's start and end at these places
Minus: jumpseat protection. Coming from Oakland, Anchorage and China you'll most likely be outside contractual protection.

4. Small City? Wichita, Cedar Rapids, Peoria? (If you live here and don't consider it a small city, sorry. Not looking to slight anyone)
Plus: less competition for jumpseats, fewer delays
Minus: fewer back-ups, no daytime flight (maybe), fewer off-line options, fewer deviation options

5. Climate? Miami, San Diego, (Greenbay)
- This one is a little tricky. In over ten years I've seen FedEx cancel a flight for wx once. Plus, no matter where you live, you still are dependent on Memphis weather. Still I'm going to include this one.
Plus: fewer delays
Minus: deicing, off-line flights cancel, deviation flights cancel

Please weigh in with your opinions.
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