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Originally Posted by JetJocF14 View Post
One other facet to consider is that one day Fedex commuters will be doing it on mostly 757's and 767. Both crappy machines from a commuter standpoint.

You're joking ... right?

Yes, your 777 has unusually nice jumpseat accommodations. Almost all other jumpseats s*ck. I'm afraid that's just a fact of life when you decide to commute to an airline job.

FedEx jumpseat are pretty reliable. After commuting for 30 years at 2 different airlines I can tell you that I really don't care what kind of aircraft gets me to work. And ... I always make a point of thanking the Captain for the ride.

I can hear the conversation now, "Honey, we can't move to XYZ city because I would have to jumpseat to my really good job in MEM on the FedEx 767." That's hilarious!*?

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