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Originally Posted by Awi8tr View Post
Well since we have 757s (PAX only) and 747s (Cargo only), we are complying with the 117 rules on the 757 only. Rest on the road various from min rest to having a nice lay-over of several days and anything in between.
I have had occasions where the whole crew sat in Portugal for 5 days, waiting for the airplane to return back from the States and pick us back up for a crew change. On the other hand, especially if you ferry the airplane empty, you might just get those 10 required hours.

On the DH side of things: you don't really DH around the world to sit reserve anywhere. The purpose of DH you somewhere is to position you ahead of the airplane, which needs a crew change when it catches up with you. Some DHs are longer than others, longest I did was Malaysia via Doha back to the States and a total of 4 legs. Once I was done my body didn't know if I was going or coming and it took me 3 days to recover. But those DHs are rare and with two more 757s coming on line in April or May we probably DH and sit less, because crew scheduling will have more options of using us more efficiently.

Destinations I will not disclose, because of obvious security reasons. If there is an Air or Army Base we probably have gone there or will go there in the future. Rumor has it, that Afghanistan is out of the picture for now.
Thanks for the answers! Do you guys have any contracts or do much flying that's not mil related you can talk more about?