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I had to LOL when he said
"Why is it that a far tighter oligopoly of domestic airlines than before deregulation mimics each otherís race to the bottom in labor and consumer relations, instead of mimicking better practices by Southwest Airlines with a far more consistent record of profits and no layoffs?"
He's semi-subtly trying to partially play the populist McCarthy card of "monopolies" while completely ignoring the many billions that have been invested into fleets, infrastructure and employee compensation improvements. All of which do need more attention/money, but the traveling public has never gotten more for less than they do today relatively speaking. He also neglected to mention the billions spent paying down debt to save many hundreds of millions per year.

The SWA nonsense is completely out of context as well. If he were talking about their long ago written pilot scope clause I'd have to agree with him, but I doubt he even knows much about that. Labor at SWA is trending downward and costs are creeping up.

Nader was surfing the populist wave of the Alinsky method before Alinsky was cool. Foment populist rage over a carefully nurtured crisis, and then offer a solution to that crisis that always involves more power transferred from the people to you and your party. He's not alone in trying to do it [obviously] nor is he the best at it. But he's at least consistent.
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