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Originally Posted by Admpilot View Post
Anyone have information on this operator? Pay, QOL, schedule?

All FedEx caravans with hubs in LAS, SAN, ONT, OAK, and SMF. Many of the pilots holding routes from those hubs live in the outstation cities. If you're reserve you may travel to any of these cities either hub or outstation. Most of the routes are Monday afternoon thru Saturday mornings. Early morning flights from the hubs to the outstations in which you're at the outstation doing the day and spend the nights in the hubs. The last pay structure I saw was about 40000 a year to start, but I believe with a route the per diem would make the yearly pay more. They had all the standard benefits better than the benefits I had at the regionals. It's an excellent company with good people.

I hope this information helps you.
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