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Originally Posted by 16driver
Will a regional airline hire me with a restricted centerline thrust restriction on my MEL rating or do I need to get this removed? I realize that the ATP will take care of this, but I'm about 300 hrs short of the ATP minimums. I've gotten the written done.
Also, what are my options for removal of this restriction. Obviously, the cheaper the better.
I doubt you can get hired with the centerline restriction -- I've never applied to a regional, but every airline app. I've filled out has required a CMEL with no restrictions. This makes sense since you're usually not typed during FO training, so there's no opportunity to remove the restriction.
As far as the specifics for getting it removed, there's a paragraph in the commercial practical test standards -- basically you have to take a checkride in a multi where you do an engine failure before takeoff, one after takeoff, an engine out approach and landing, and engine out maneuvering. No other requirements. Looks like the whole thing could be done in well under an hour.
As far as the easiest and cheapest way to get it lifted is find a flight school with a twin and a multi DE who can do the checkride. You can probably set up an hour or two of instruction in the morning followed by the checkride in the afternoon, knocking the whole thing out in a day for around $700-$800.

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