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Default Need help deciding: Part 91 vs. Part 141

I plan to pursue a career in aviation, in the long term being a pilot for charter jets. Around me are two flight schools... School A and school B.

School A:
- Part 91 private flight training at a small, local airport...
- considered 'pay as you go'... will be about 6,000 for PPL, and more if you want to continue for other licenses.
- the instructor told me she will help me in the direction I would like to pursue (in my case, charter jets, not major airlines)
- also said they have many connections and could help me find piloting jobs once I have acquired the right certificates, ratings, and hours
- is very close to me... 15 miles, easy access


School B:
- considered Part 61 and Part 141 school
- structured together with a community college program
- Scholaships/grants are available
- allows for students to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Science after course work is done
- website says private certificate, instrument rating, commercial certificates can be acquired, as well as more advanced types of certificates and ratings, including instructor training
- Is about one hour away from me... a long drive


Aviation/Flight Technology

AOPA Flight Training - Flight School Result Details

I haven't talked to either school yet... I want to get some professional opinions ones, as well as seeing them and hearing what they have to offer.

ALSO, in School B, the first website I posted, it says for "private pilot airplane" tuition is 6,000. While "commercial pilot airplane" is around 30,000. Can someone explain this to me? If I did the "commercial pilot airplane", that would include the PPL first, wouldn't it?

Thank you
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