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Default LOA Absolutes

The information presented as fact is accurate as of today. The opinions following are obviously subject to debate.

Indisputable Facts:
#1. The Company intends to open domicile's in HKG and CDG in the near future.
#2. Pilots will be based at these domiciles whether a) they voluntarily bid them b) they are forced to be there under the CBA.
#3. The LOA provides a) Move packages b) Housing offsets c) Income tax offsets d) Longevity bonus e) Contractual protection and Status for pilots in these domicile's under the RLA.
#4. Every FDX pilot has the opportunity to input a standing bid that reflects their choice of Aircraft and Domicile.

1. The likelihood that either #1 or #2 will not occur with or without this LOA are minimal.
2. If the LOA is voted down; Any pilot who falls under #2 may lose some if not all of those items listed in #3, most importantly #3e.
3. Voting Yes for the LOA does not remove anyones right to #4.
4. The perceived or actual financial benefits that current Subic pilots enjoy will not be mirrored at this time in either CDG or HKG; with the passage or the failure of the LOA.
5. Voting No will not "force" the company to come back with a better offer. Voting Yes does not guarantee that every available seat will be filled with newhires.
6. This LOA is woefully short of expectations and anyone who purposely bids for either of these domiciles with/without the LOA does so knowing full well the financial consequences.

Therefore if this LOA is "voted down", the only people who are truly going to be adversely impacted are those pilots who did not want to go at all!
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