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Originally Posted by alafly View Post
From a poolie, who has been floatin' since October, my job search just began in earnest (again....something I thought I'd never say after Kim gave me the good news.... so much for that March 1st class date.)

I fit the profile, mid 30's, kids, good career so far, looking for the job to get me to retirement. Now, I'm not so sure I want to be a part of FDX if the union and membership rolls over on this one too. Let's not even bring up age 60. I'm objective, been around the block, spoken to lots of folks on both sides, my late 50's sponsor (who btw is against the age change), even Albie for goodness sakes...... The MEC and those who are in favor of this crappola should have to go live the lives on those who they are about to scruuuuu over royally.

I hate to see the powerhouse the FDX once was (and still is) begin the downhill race to the bottom like the regionals and lots of legacy carriers. From a poolie, IJMHO. I could go on for days, but I still have to carry on and not let a bunch of senior complacent individuals ruin my career or separate me from my family. They obviously have been under the influence of D. Worthless wayyyy to long. Gee thanks.

hey have no idea what u r talking about...this is just part of doing business...good luck on your job search....i hear jetblue is hiring..

what profile r u talking about?

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