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#2. Pilots will be based at these domiciles whether a) they voluntarily bid them b) they are forced to be there under the CBA.

How are they going to force people to the FDA? I can see a SIBA thing, but to they can't force you to the FDA.
As for a new hire, Fedex would be crazy to offer a new hire a low paying 1st year job, have to live in CDG or HKG for 3 years, and not give them anything extra. I know guys would take it, but not a lot. I think they would look at Cathay a little bit closer if you had to live in HKG anyway.
I am still waiting for ssomebody to explain this "better scope" statement also. I see no scope change at all.
As for the NC quitting if this doesn't pass, I hope so, this deal stinks.
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