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July 18, 2007 : L-100-30 N401LC of Lynden Cargo, Alaska, over-rotated on take-off from gravel airstrip 24 miles (38 km) west-northwest of McGrath, Alaska, suffering tail strike and substantial damage, including puncture of main cabin pressure vessel. Four crew uninjured.[38]

December 29, 1984 : L-100 c/n 4101, first flown September 17, 1965, leased to Continental Air Services, N9260R, September 1965, then sold to the Government of Zambia, registered 9J-RCV, August 1966. Leased to Zambian Air Cargoes, August 1966, then sold to National Aircraft Leasing, registered N920NA, March 1969, in an FAA series usually reserved for aircraft of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, same January 1977. Leased to Alaska Airlines, April 1969. Leased to Saturn Airways, N24ST, June 1972, modified to L-100-30, November 1972. Leased to TIA, December 1976, port wing and engines damaged in explosion, May 1977, repaired; sold to TIA, April 1979. To Transamerica, October 1979, green and white scheme, Transamerica T on green tail in white – destroyed on ground as it landed Cafunfo, Angola during UNITA guerrilla attack. Electric buss panel fire due to gunfire spread, hull burnt out. Pilot, flight engineer survive groundfire and are captured by UNITA, repatriated through the Red Cross after a month; first officer, two Diamang couriers, killed by gunfire.[22]

Just for the record, I have said nothing bad about Lynden just that the type or work is hard and dangerous. Lynden has put it in the ad themselves. I have always been a big fan of the Herc and applied to Lynden and have done that kind of work. In the past ten years that I have been following Lynden they have furloughed and recalled a number of times. It is not BS RadialGal, it's facts. Please read your own post about being exposed to malaria, compounds, guards etc...

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