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[QUOTE=Braniff DC8;1881022]Ok here ya go then. If it' so great why did only one furlougheee come back?

Not much has changed from what I hear. They did pick up a WFP contract in Ethiopia/Sudan & recalled their furloughed FOs - only one returned. They've had a few folks leave for greener pastures, so hiring was just to fill holes. They did pick up a plane from First Air, but had previously parked another. I believe they also have a plane dedicated to Forestry with 2 crews who don't do anything else. Scheduling is not optimal. Pay is low. Company is pretty good. But if you love the Herk and want a good group of guys to fly with, it ain't bad.

Hi Braniff, am I claiming it's a place free of BS? Heck no, just calling BS on folks saying you are in danger of being kidnapped or shot at here. That is total BS. This is Alaska Braniff, there is no such creature as a BS free Freight hauler!

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