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The PIT operation is doing very very well and there are plans (confirmed plans) for other mainland bases. i actually don't know if it's supposed to be public knowledge just yet but i can say it's in the south and it's plenty sunny where the new base will be . As for the PIT crews, there are no rotations at all. They'll often ask if anyone wants to do some time up there but most guys pass on the offer. A majority of the pilots that go between Hawaii and PIT are check airman.

Yes the pay is around 37k starting. If you sign a 2 year contract I think it's around 43k-ish. FO pay is 18k. That is LOW for Hawaii. Even PIC pay is low for Hawaii living. I'm from here so my rent is little to none. BUT, new FOs make it work and I think that's fricking awesome and I admire it. I got hired about 6 months ago and the FOs that were in my class are closing in on 1000 hours. I got hired right at 1200 after being an SIC for a medevac and night cargo operations. Maui and Kona bases are junior. There's no getting around that. If you're a street captain then you might get Oahu. I got Oahu immediately because that was the only condition I had when I got hired. To be honest though, Maui and Kona are much cheaper places to live. Oahu is stupid pricey. Upgrade happens right at 1200. Literally. They ask all the line captains to fill out evals and if they all give you the thumbs up, you'll get a call to schedule upgrade training. Snorkel/surf part of the day and fly a caravan the rest of the day. Not a bad gig eh? I know some of you PM'd me with questions so I'll work on replying.

Best benefit of all? CASS. Yeah, I said it. Our jumpseat coordinator busts his a** to get us agreements with all the majors and big cargo names. We also get idtravel benefits for family and a guest after 6 months. A lot of guys aren't here on their days off as they just hop on a flight to see the world. Once again, not bad eh?
Hope this helps.

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