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Originally Posted by Endeavor200 View Post
For PIT isn't Mokulele airlines operating Sun Air *cough* Gulfstream's routes a violation of the EAS contract with the subsidies city's/towns?
I was in a city for survey work that is served by mokulele's C208. Someone who I spoke with pretty much said that Sun Air's own plane were not physically capable of flying those routes during the winter in known icing conditions. Because of that reason, they had to bring on the mokulele 208's. What he was telling me was disgusting to hear. I consider this fact due to the position this guy had at the airport.

I don't have any direct experience with EAS routes, but I have gotten some info for them in past through PIT's PA connector initiative. IIRC, there are thresholds that if reached can allow a carrier to sub-contract out the flying for a given route. Every party involved on the route (airport, carriers, and FAA) all had to approve it though.
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