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Originally Posted by GenX View Post
Sticking with retirement cycle we could add a few more items for ideas/debate.

1. sell back half the vacation as we did in the past.
2. give incentives to reserves that on under manned reserves days they can add two x days for 5 hours per day.

Again, I'm just throwing out more ideas that put us in charge of our QOL balanced against pay raises while creating productivity. Some years/months one may want to work more than other years/months not so much. Having choice to balance QOL vs pay incentives may be the way to go. This works for QOL life pilots vs Money driven pilots. So in the end have an initial raise that everybody receives then we as individuals can add to if we choose the incentives we want or choose QOL instead.
Vacation sellback was not popular because it is perceived as a jobs issue. Why should an X day cost you 5 hours when a work day is only worth half that (more or less)?
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