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Originally Posted by blastboy View Post
I know, Pan Am has really been stripped of its dignity. My brother in law, who now flies for frontier, flew 727's for Pan Am III out of Sanford about 5 years ago. He was one of the union pilots fired. Too bad Pan Am isn't what it use to be. I asked him about the latest on Pan Am but he hasn't kept tabs on that airline since he left. I wonder though, are they still flying 727's out of Sanford?
Ok, if your brother in law flew for them, got canned, and they are still the same company, flying pax in 727s, to no real set markets and are the version you really want to work for this company? Perhaps there is a reason why there is no info on it.

Personally I would rather see the name rest in peace. It wasn't enough that the grand airline was sold off piecemeal, i guess it wasnt enough for the portsmouth operation to carry on the legacy with ridiculous fashion and now i guess they are metaphorically still raping the name with a part III out of yet another new airport, with much older equipment and the same clowns running the show.

rest in peace PAN AM.
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