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Originally Posted by cac737 View Post
Personally I would rather see the name rest in peace. It wasn't enough that the grand airline was sold off piecemeal, i guess it wasnt enough for the portsmouth operation to carry on the legacy with ridiculous fashion and now i guess they are metaphorically still raping the name with a part III out of yet another new airport, with much older equipment and the same clowns running the show.

rest in peace PAN AM.
Very well said!

In fact if pilots did not talk half of the crAAp flying jobs out there just maybe our over all quality of live and pay would go up as a group. But instead they are jumping on this type of work hoping to one day win the lottery. We need to stick together and stop these types of operations but we do not.

"It is all about me" but the sad fact is WE ALL PAY in the long run.
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