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Originally Posted by Facebitten View Post
have your flows down

yeah have your "flows" down aka memorize the entire checklist verbatim. and whobetide you if you say LIGHTS ON INSTEAD OF LIGHTS SET. literally the worst traning ive ever seen. they BRAGGED about their 40 percent failure rate. which is probably worse than that. go anywhere else but here if you value your tickets and pria.
Originally Posted by Jetlife View Post
It's a training Dept full of ERAU super heros that get those cultural marching orders from above. To be fair the 121 world will correct you on improper callout verbiage too
You're both a couple of years out of date on your info. These days we don't have the luxury of failing someone for a bad call out (unless it continues and continues and continues... You get the picture.)

We still seem to have a pretty high wash out rate but most of them are pilots who just can't fly basic instruments or . We have been working to counter that by paying for a week of refresher instrument training for everyone prior to Indoc.
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