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Yea, I've heard some horror stories of "back in the day", and I have absolutely no doubt they were true, because there are pricks in every line of work. I can only guess that it was because they could; for every position they had a bunch of applicants. Anymore, we need pilots, and we can't afford for people to drop from training. Thats why you go to instrument school at an independent flight school before you go to indoc, we want you to succeed. The failures I've had during line training were folks who we gave almost 4 weeks of in-aircraft training to (over 50 hours of hands on flying the line/offline flights from the left seat), and they were still making mistakes that, had I not intervened, would have resulted in a crash. (i.e. Flying a flagged glide slope, spinning the wrong radial in FAF inbound etc. not some silly procedural crap like "lights on" vs "lights set") I'm a pilot, not a management cool-aid drinker, and it really sucks to wash a fellow aviator. But I can't sign someone off for a checkride when they are routinely making fatal errors. Be ready, know your stuff, study hard, and be prepared to fly the plane from the left seat with no help from me.

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