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Default SWA vs. Corporate

I posted on another message board, but didn't receive many replies and I am still pondering.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate any and all help with my dilemma...

A little background on my situation: I am currently a regional captain that enjoys pretty good QOL, but looking for a change. I have a SWA interview (no type, somebody always asks) in August that I am very excited for (my number one airline).

However, my friend is offering me a position to co-captain with him starting the week after my scheduled interview. It would be great to fly with my friend... And, this position will double my salary which would take 4-5 years at SWA to match. I am told this is a great part 91 one owner operation. But I have no corporate experience, so I'm seeking opinions. Taking the corporate job and quitting if I get SWA is not an option. I feel that I must give my friend at least a year or two. Also, I don't want to burn any bridges at SWA....

So, in the typical airline interview fashion, what would you do?

Second part: If, I decide to go corporate, do I cancel the interview? Or, if hired by SWA then do I turn down the job? Again, I don't want to burn a bridge, ya never know when you might need options...
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