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Used to fly some Az-Trucks. If I needed a family station-wagon that would be it. Flies nice, solid, stable, plenty of elbow room. One that old may not have the standard six-pack instrument layout, I know that would be first thing I'd fix.

I didn't pay for Mx, but the ones I flew were reasonably reliable (I never got stuck anywhere). The problems I recall were mostly the old instruments, but you could solve that up front if it hasn't already been done.

Hot starts were consistently tricky, especially on a hot day...sometimes you just had to take a long lunch. That was the quirk of the fuel injection, presumably vapor lock on the IO-540 (can't recall if the B model was carbs or injection).

Make sure the motors are in good shape if you're going to fly around with your family. IIRC old, abused motors were the usual cause of accidents, that or fuel management/tank switching.
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