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Hey folks,
I've been with them for about two weeks now and I have learned so much in two weeks then all of my years of training. Before I got hired with them I did my research on the net and heard alot of negative things. But to be honest I have not seen any of the negative things that I have heard about, maybe because of the pilot shortage! In fact their first year pay has gone up to about 24K a yr. Bottom line is that it's 135 flying and I am very happy with them so far. My advise to anyone looking at GTA for a job is to remember that everyone has there own opinion and sometimes you have to be a MAN and find out the real deal for yourself!!! Good Luck!
This guy drank too much kool-aid at the party last night!!haha You keep the faith my friend. I worked there too. Just wait until they start asking you to fly broken airplanes...
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